The Story Behind The Story with D Wells

In the first of my new feature, I’m delighted to welcome author D Wells onto my blog to talk about the inspiration behind her latest book, Where Our Paths Meet.

The idea of Where Our Paths Meet started out as a challenge from my husband, a little healthy dose of spousal ‘I dare you!’ We were on holiday in Suffolk, the county where I grew up, and he asked me if I would set my next book there. Well of course, this was just the spark of flame that I needed to sketch down ideas and the opening paragraphs of my latest novel, while sitting around the campsite fire pit and admiring the view.

I managed a few pages but didn’t really understand what exactly I wanted to write. It was only when we returned home that I fleshed out a proper plot and it developed into what is now the first in a proposed series.

That small town feel, a community to fall in love with, an independent bookshop for good measure, a summery feel-good read, perfect to take away on your own holiday. This is what Where Our Paths Meet has become and I look forward to writing the second and third book and seeing how the journey progresses.

Suffolk remains one of my favourite spots in the UK. A county that is rich in history and agriculture, with flat vast landscapes and big blue skies. It has a unique coastline, woodlands, fields and quaint little market towns all waiting to be discovered. My hope is that Where Our Paths Meet not only introduces a selection of human characters, but the character of Suffolk too.

So, I guess a thank you to my husband is in order. I wonder what the next challenge will be.

Author Bio

D. Wells is the author of uplifting and heartwarming novels 6 Caledon Street and The Things We Regret.

Focusing on relatable characters and beautiful locations D. Wells enjoys exploring family dynamics and if she can manage it, slip in a few historical references too. She’d describe her books as hovering between reading group fiction and women’s commercial fiction. Her third novel Where Our Paths Meet was published in June 2022.

D. Wells is married, has several small and exhausting children and lives in East Anglia, as close to the countryside as she can get.


Evelyn Storford has returned home.

Buying a failing independent bookshop, and nursing a broken heart, she relishes the challenge to make her business successful in the sleepy Suffolk town of Taverton. With her bookshop colleagues and widower father a growing presence in her life, she grapples against the memories of her marriage and the lingering feelings towards estranged husband Ishmael.

A story about family and friendship, grief and love, Where Our Paths Meet introduces a collection of characters, all interlinked and facing various crossroads in their lives.

Buying Link: Where Our Paths Meet

Many thanks to D Wells for taking part and sharing the story behind her story.

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